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  Recycling Facilities


The right partner for your recycling needs should also be capable of implementing the safest, most reliable and most effective reprocessing to ensure the highest degree of added value.

Here is a brief overview of our most important facilities 


Scrap shears

Scrap shears are among the most important machines in scrap reprocessing. Within the shortest amount of time, our scrap shears cut the heavy and bulky scrap into properly sized, reloadable material so it can be used at the steel mills directly.

Junk car recycling

Junk car recycling serves the environmentally responsible waste disposal of junk cars before they are sent to the shredder for further recycling of valuable resources. This includes the drainage of operating fluids, such as fuels, transmission fluids, brake and radiator fluids, and also the disassembly of airbags, belt tighteners, batteries and other reusable parts.

Used wood shredders

Our used wood shredder separates used wood from foreign materials. The wood particles are then reprocessed as the base material for particle boards etc. The reprocessed used wood is also used as fuel in wood-fired power plants.